“Pop Crack” Hip Hop Culture

Why We Focus on Hip Hop

The Hip Hop culture contains the currency of the value systems that urban youth create for themselves. These values influence how they should behave and define success. Unfortunately, many of these values are detrimental to youth in a trauma organized culture.

Through the anthropological study of hip hop, we have identified the value systems that trigger poor behavioral decisions. We use the messages embedded in hip hop culture as well as fact-based data to educate youth in a culturally relevant way that allows them to see that the messages are not intended to be acted upon, but rather a source of entertainment.

Hip Hop culture is defined in many ways by many people. However, it is a fact that in the late 1980’s and 1990’s the culture of popular Hip Hop was infused with lessons, values and perspectives stemming from those directly affected by the Crack Cocaine epidemic. During this period, Hip Hop culture (music, fashion, movies, etc.) also began to merge with popular culture and was now being funded and promoted by multimillion dollar corporations. “Pop Crack” Hip Hop culture has a major influence on the development of counterproductive youth value systems and resulting behaviors of urban African American and Latino youth that grew up in a trauma organized culture.
“Pop Crack Hip Hop Culture”™ is a phrase we coined to describe the fusion of pop Hip Hop culture with the value systems of the Crack Cocaine epidemic of previous years.