Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training

With each youth whose attention we lose, it becomes more evident that both our schools and youth programs are in need of increased social competence. In seeking to engage at-risk and high risk youth, we must ask ourselves, “Do I really understand the population I seek to serve?”

We offer a 6-20 hour Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training to achieve this goal.

  • This intense anthropological, Trauma Informed training will explore in depth, the effects Hip Hop, governmental policies, socioeconomic realities, psychological & neurological factors and our own biases have on the evolution of today’s urban youth culture.

  • Some of the topics we discuss include:

    • Why so many youth place such little value on education and employment?
    • Cultural and neurological effects of trauma
    • Society’s moral influence on youth values
    • Best practices in dealing with complex trauma survivors
    • Social epidemics and governmental policies’ effect on youth culture
    • What caused this massive generation gap we experience today?
    • How to properly engage our “at-risk & high risk” students
    • How to make your program more complimentary to the aspirations of the youth you serve

Staff who complete the Live Above The Hype Urban Youth Culture Competency Training will be better equipped to effectively engage youth growing up in gang and drug impacted communities.

We’ve partnered with San Diego State University to bring Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training to their students