Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training

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K-Rahn Valentine


Our system addresses the paradigms and value systems inherent in trauma organized cultures of urban communities

Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training

“This should be taught as a college course,
mandatory for any professional involving children.”-Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher

Training Overview

We offer training that helps youth service providers and administrators working with gang and drug impacted communities create a trauma informed culture that nurtures excellence in youth achievement and social development.

The success of social programs will continually be enhanced as program leadership continue to become more trauma informed and supportive of the social-emotional needs of both the students and educators.

We offer a 6 -16 hour Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training™ to professionals (teachers, administrators, social workers, mentors, principals, counselors, law enforcement, coaches, mental health therapists, gang interventionists, etc.) working with youth.

Along with mastery over subject matter and/or administrative content, the youth service provider must be equipped with proper perspective and approaches to effectively engage students and address their needs.

Therefore, an essential step towards improved student performance is increasing the insight and skill sets of the instructors, mentors and administrators who engage them.

San Diego State University Cohort Testimonials

“K-Rahn is a dynamic presenter, using humor and empathy to communicate information in a way that all people can relate to and understand. It has been an honor to work with ​him on the Speakers Bureau ​of the Trauma Informed Task Force of Los Angeles.” Susie Hess
Co Founder of the Trauma Informed Task Force of Los Angeles
Clinical Assistant Professor at Suzanne Dworak Peck School of Social Work

Through a combination of lecture, open discussion, videos, song analysis and interactive group activities, this training covers:

  • the social and historical context of urban youth and communities
  • effective, trauma informed de-escalation strategies
  • trauma, complex trauma and trauma organized culture
  • professional trauma sensitive approaches
  • effective youth engagement techniques
  • effective, socially relevant group management techniques
  • active listening
  • the important role of the youth service professional

This training will build and increase participants’ capacity to properly and effectively address the comprehensive behavioral and social-emotional needs of students in gang and drug impacted communities that have experienced trauma due to community violence.

Participants will be further equipped to support these youth’s social and/or academic excellence. Training includes work materials for all participants.

“The very best component, and most relevant, was the K-Rahn presentation. I went to his breakout session as well, because I could not get enough of his teachings. I didn’t want it to end. To be completely honest, in my years at Ingenium, this experience was by far the most meaningful. It was mind-blowing to say the least. I personally thanked K-Rahn for bringing such passion to his art, and for enhancing MY passion for the kids I serve.”Ingenium Charter School teacher

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