Trauma Informed Community & Youth Engagement Training

When addressing problematic behavior, a trauma informed approach asks the question “What happened to you?” instead of asking “What’s wrong with you?” In this 6-8 hour Community Trauma and Trauma Informed Engagement Staff Training, professionals thoroughly explore what has happened to individuals and communities who have experience community trauma. This is a collaborative professional development amongst both administration and direct service staff. We offer training that helps service providers and administrators working with gang and drug impacted communities create a trauma informed culture that nurtures excellence, achievement and social development.

The success of social programs will continually be enhanced as program leadership continue to become more trauma informed and supportive of the social-emotional needs of both the students and educators.

“This should be taught as a college course, mandatory for any professional involving children.”

-Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher

    This interactive training will explore in depth the effects popular culture, governmental policies, socio-economic realities, psychological factors and our own personal biases have on the evolution of today’s urban youth culture.

    This training will build and increase participants’ capacity to properly and effectively address the comprehensive behavioral and social-emotional needs of students in gang and drug impacted communities that have experienced trauma due to community violence.  

    “K-Rahn is a dynamic presenter, using humor and empathy to communicate information in a way that all people can relate to and understand. It has been an honor to work with him on the Speakers Bureau of the Trauma Informed Task Force of Los Angeles."

    Susie Hess
    Co Founder of the Trauma Informed Task Force of Los Angeles
    Clinical Assistant Professor at Suzanne Dworak Peck School of Social Work

    "Having put on over 75 Conferences, I can say K-Rahn Vallatine is in my top tier of speakers whom I have engaged. K-Rahn put a lot of thought into our specific audience…youth workers and educators working to make a difference. His unique perspective on urban youth culture and the dynamics of the street come alive when he talks, opening a window into youth subcultures that is rich with insights. It’s no wonder he’s in demand in schools, youth centers and juvenile halls. With K-Rahn, you’ll get "street smart” in ways that will allow you to have even more impact on the youth you serve.”

    John Baker, President, Core Factors/ California Workforce Association Conference Curator

    K-Rahn Vallatine partnered with San Diego State University to bring the Urban Youth Culture Competency & Engagement Training to their post graduate students.

    Here’s what they had to say: